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Quality maternity pillow with essential support and other baby products

Every Mom-to-be is in need of a comfortable & supportive pillow during pregnancy. A pillow that is easy to transport for that pregnant tummy, whether at home or going on a trip. The Frankie Beans Maternity Pillow offers excellent comfort and support for your tummy, back, hips and knees - ensuring that you are well supported throughout your pregnancy.
The Frankie Beans Maternity Pillow may be small and snug, but when it comes to a restful sleep, this pillow really plays a large role in getting the job done for that growing tummy and stressed back! For added benefit the Frankie Beans Maternity Pillow is made from Hypoallergenic fibre and 100% cotton.

Frankie Caterpillow continues that support once baby is born by providing support in the form of neck pillows for car chairs.
A unique product and a great find for me as I suffered with lower back pain throughout my pregnancy. The pillow definitely helped me have a better nights sleep.
Leigh Emmanuel, Owner of The Little Lot Baby Boutique
Frankie Beans features in March issue of Mamas & Papas Magazine

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