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Quality maternity pillow with essential support and other baby products

about us

Having babies and children of our own, we realised that every pregnant woman requires added support for her back, hips, pelvis and most importantly the growing tummy.  It is important to be as comfortable as possible and have the correct support when taking that necessary rest to ensure a healthy pregnancy.
As a mom and daughter team, our purpose is to help women fully enjoy their pregnancy with respect to a good night’s sleep, free from aches and pains and disturbed slumber—most important for a new mom to be !

We also realised that once having babies, there was a gap in the market for some necessary products to ensure babies’ comfort and support.

Our mission

To develop a maternity pillow desired by pregnant moms for ultimate comfort and support during their pregnancy and afterwards, using the most gentlest of materials to do so.
To only use premium quality materials - hypoallergenic and 100% cotton to ensure that there is no risk of developing any allergies.  The Frankie Beans Maternity Pillow is designed to avoid being bulky and save space.
To offer a maternity pillow that is versatile – they are not only for bedtime, but they’re also suitable for breastfeeding, long drives/air travel etc., lending maximum comfort and support to Mom long after Baby is born.

To offer Mom products that will provide support to baby whether in the car or for those itchy gums that are safe and easy to use.

Frankie Beans warranty statement
All of our pillows are designed and manufactured in South Africa, with pride to the highest standard of workmanship with the finest materials available to us and should perform satisfactorily for many years.
In the unlikely event that a problem should arise as a result of defective materials or workmanship, we will replace your product at our expense.
Our warranty does not cover damage due to neglect, misuse and the normal wear and tear that happens to any product over the years.
Please retain your invoice to validate your purchase in the unlikely event you do need to submit a claim.
The right to repair or replace any faulty or damaged product is at the sole discretion of Frankie Beans.

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