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Quality maternity pillow with essential support and other baby products

I received my pillow yesterday. Thank you so much. I had a good night’s sleep, it really helped a lot with my back ache!! I would definitely recommend it to everyone that is pregnant.
Dr Monique Thomson, Dentist
Having tried almost every pillow on the market during my first 2 pregnancies, I have been pleasantly surprised at the relief that this pillow has offered. Feels like a cocoon helping with back pain and stomach doesn’t  feel like it is hanging when you lie down. Goes everywhere with me now!
Yvonne van Wyk, Nursery School Owner

A unique product and a great find for me as I suffered with lower back pain throughout my pregnancy. The pillow definitely helped me have a better nights sleep.
Leigh Emmanuel, Owner of The Little Lot Baby Boutique

I found the Frankie beans pillow to be a great bump and back support during my second pregnancy. Being a Physio and second time mom, I've tried quite a few pillows on the market but found that most were quite cumbersome and hard. The benefit of this pillow is that it stays in one place when you roll over at night and is soft but supportive. It works really well with a normal pillow between ones legs for hip support.
Julia Gane, owner of Green Point Physiotherapy, Cape Town www.greenpointphysio.com

Wow but I can't tell you how much I love my Preggie pillow. Firstly it was vital for a good nights sleep for the last 4 months of my pregnancy. I used it in various ways either to support my back or rest my leg on. Either way it was so comfortable!
And then when my baby boy arrived I found the pillow to be useful again. In particular when  sleeping and holding my baby in my hospital bed. I was able to sit up and hold my baby all night and not only sleep well but I didn't wake up with a crick in my neck. Now I use it at home for my night feeds.
Such a brilliant pillow! I just wish I had it for my first pregnancy! Thanks so much.
Emily Allan, owner of PeppermintPix Photography

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