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Quality maternity pillow with essential support and other baby products


Such a brilliant pillow! I just wish I had it for my first pregnancy!
Emily Allan, PeppermintPix Photography
the pillow
The benefits of the Frankie Beans Maternity Pillow are endless!
Our pillows have thousands of tiny polyester fibre balls which create a soft and free flowing, “down- like” comfort with luxurious softness and comfort. This allows the body to nestle into the pillow to give contoured comfort and support for your tummy and back.
The great benefit of the Frankie Beans Maternity Pillow is that you can continue to use it once you have had your baby.  When your baby has arrived it can be rested on this pillow to allow ease of comfort to you both while feeding. By placing the pillow on your lap or in your arms to ensure both you and baby have optimum support, reduces the pressure on your arms and shoulders to support your baby’s weight. It’s also great for long drives, sitting at the desk, air travel or even as a head rest in your feeding chair.
Benefits For Pregnant Women
The Frankie Beans Maternity Pillow will help to solve many of your sleep problems.
  • It’s a compact travel pillow – fits into your luggage and provides great support for those long trips
  • Supports your growing tummy
  • Provides back and hip support thus assisting in reducing back/pelvic pain
  • Hypoallergenic as well as mildew and odour free
  • Double sided - roll over with ease without the need to adjust
  • Reduces the chance of rolling onto your back and creating pressure on your tummy.
  • Is not bulky and does not make you overheat
  • Reduces partner disturbance – allows for more peaceful sleep
  • Creates ultimate comfort
  • Can be used in different positions – for travel purposes or for sleep
  • Makes an excellent feeding pillow or head cushion in your feeding chair
  • Made in South Africa and encased in 100% Cotton covers
  • Machine washable on cold cycle
  • Can be used long after baby is born
Normal Price: R450.00
Mothers Day Special: R400.00 
“Having tried almost every pillow on the market during my first 2 pregnancies, I have been pleasantly surprised at the relief that this pillow has offered. Feels like a cocoon helping with back pain and stomach doesn’t  feel like it is hanging when you lie down. Goes everywhere with me now!”

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